About Erik Runia

  • erik
    Erik Runia

    Loves and plays soccer

  • Grew up in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Almost got shot by Tupac


On Paper

While still a young lad, Erik discovered that learning to program gave him infinite lives while playing Gorillas on a Windows 3.1 machine. Once he realized other kids would buy programs he’d written on his TI-82 calculator, he never looked back. His first job in high school landed him at a tiny startup with big dreams. The Dot Com Boom made those dreams a reality, and on paper Erik was suddenly a millionaire. Young, naive, and utterly unaware of the impending Dot Com Bubble burst, Erik wisely saved his millions on paper for future use, all the while learning the latest and greatest web programming techniques that would make him what he is today: A non-millionaire, not in any way bitter, web savvy guy. These days Erik spends the most time with Microsoft technologies like MVC4, ASP.net, Razor and WCF. Of course front end design and user experience is Erik’s real passion and first love. Blending the two together effortlessly is what makes him so darn irresistable.

In Person

Erik loves some retro gaming of both the digital and analog variety. Afternoon playing QBert? Yes please. Street Fighter 2 tournament on a┬ácustom built arcade cabinet? Right after we’re done with Foosball of course. Soccer is also a big part of Erik’s life as he enjoys watching it, playing it, and reading about it online. Erik plays nice with others, but can work fast and furiously in a solo capacity as well.